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Frequently Asked Questions

A PIN code is a 4 digit password given to the SIM card. If it is entered 3 times incorrectly in a row, your SIM card will be blocked. This prevents the unauthorized usage of your SIM card and phone. After entering it for the first time, you may change the default PIN code from your phone’s menu.

A PUK code is a 8 digit password that will be used to unlock your SIM card, if the PIN number is entered 3 times incorrectly in a row. If the PUK number is entered incorrectly 10 times in a row, your SIM card will become permanently unusable.

After inserting your SIM card into your mobile phone’s SIM slot, your SIM card will be activated with the first top up, then click here to fill the identification form

You can use your SIM card for 6 months (180 days) beginning from the activation date. In order to use your SIM card constantly active, you need to load cash.

After loading cash to your SIM card, you may place and receive calls, send and receive SMS or use any other available services for 90 days. Within this period if you do not load cash to your card again, your 90 day semi-active period will start – even if you have cash left at the end of the period.

Within this period, even if you have cash in your card, you can not place calls or send SMS, but you can receive calls and messages. If you do not load cash to your card until the end of this 90 day semi-active period, your SIM card and phone number will be permanently cancelled.

Dial *101*2# on your phone, after you see the message “Please enter the 14-digit-PIN”, you can top up your SIM card by entering the 14-digit number. To do the same transaction through a short-cut, dial *101*2*the 14-digit number on the scratch card#

When you successfully top up your phone, you will see the following message:
Your voucher recharge is succesfull.
Thank you for using the eLux services.

If topping up is not successful, the following messages may appear on your phone:

Invalid PIN, Please try again.
Invalid PIN entered for 5 times. Your sim card is disabled. Please contact Customer Service.
Sorry,this voucher has already been used. Please try again.
Invalid PIN Length, Please try again.

You should dial *101*1#

Click here to see all e-LUX Mobile bundles.

You should dial *101#, enter 3 from the menu and choose the bundle you want to buy.

If your purchase of the package is not successful, you may see the following messages:
ERROR; Insufficient General Cash. Please buy more credits first.
ERROR; There was a technical problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Customer Service.

You may have insufficient cash, if so you need to load more cash first. You may already have a bundle of the same type active. You can not buy a new bundle of the same type before the bundle you have already bought expires.

To connect to Internet, you are required to write “” in the APN settings of your phone. To find out how the APN settings are done, please refer to the user manual of your device.

You are required to enter the country code before the intended number for all your calls you will make and messages you will send.
For example:
+90 532 xxx xx xx or
+352 681 xx xx xx

The information messages you will receive have been set in the English language; to change the language of information SMSs to Turkish, Arabic or Russian, you can call the customer services. Please visit our website for customer services hotline.